Stephanie Bitler is a multi-faceted/disciplined artist from Phoenix, Arizona, currently residing in Denver, Colorado. 

Stephanie's love for the arts began as a young child where she displayed her talents at a young age. She spent most of her younger years in art and pottery classes, where she eventually took her desires to the University of Arizona as an Art Education major. 

She changed gears within a couple years to take on a new perspective in the Graphic Design program at Arizona State University. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Design. 

Though she is a full-time UX/UI Designer, Stephanie finds time to continue fulfilling her need to create. Known as the "crafty" friend, she crochets, sews, draws, paints, and makes pottery. She does most of drawing and painting work at home. She does not have a pottery studio of her own and attends Art Students League of Denver to create her ceramic pieces. 

A word from the artist

I am and have always been a maker. There is nothing greater than having an idea and being able to create it with your own hands.