I ship all pottery via USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Boxes:

11 x 8 ½ x 5½

Most boxes can fit up to 3 pieces. Any exceptions are listed in the details of the specific item. Anything beyond what will fit in the box will require a separate box and shipping fee.

If you have any issues properly grouping your items for shipment, please email me at and I will find the best solution.

Commonly Used Terms

Wheel-thrown: Pots that are made on a potter's wheel. 

Hand-built: Pots that are constructed components that are moulded, coiled, or fashioned by hand.

Stoneware: Pottery fired at a high temperature which is inherently non-porous.

Slip: Fluid clay in a creamy texture, used for decorating, joining and as a material for casting.

Glaze: A vitreous substance used to decorate pottery and render it impermeable to moisture. 

Kiln: The oven in which pots are fired.